I want alcohol so strong, that it burns your name out of my throat.


    stop what you’re doing and adore me

    Same shit different day
    This is my life
    • Black Girl Problems #162: the room smells like bacon when you're done with the flat-iron.
    • Black Girl Problems #173: when you put on a skirt and its much higher in the back than it is in the front.
    • Black Girl Problems #146: "detangling" your hair and ripping it out should not be the same thing.
    • Black Girl Problems #105: when the eyeshadow you just bought isn't pigmented enough to show up on your skin.
    • Black Girl Problems #78: "You're such an Oreo."
    • Black Girl Problems #98: being the only black girl in class when the word 'nigger' comes up while reading out loud.
    • Black Girl Problems #74: If you're mixed and you tell people that you're something other than just black and white, they think you're lying.
    • Black Girl Problems #44: if you forget to put on lotion before you leave, everyone is going to know.
    • Black Girl Problems #43: people of other races are disgusted when you say you don't wash your hair everyday.
    • Black Girl Problems #30: being told that you 'talk white' because you use proper English.
    • Black Girl Problems #29: running for your life when it starts raining and you have no umbrella.
    • Black Girl Problems #28: if you're mixed, other black girls assume you think you're better than them.
    • Black Girl Problems #26: you decide to wear your natural hair, and now everyone wants to touch it.
    • Black Girl Problems #25: when nude lipstick, tights, heels and band-aids were invented, they weren't talking about you.
    • Black Girl Problems #7: "Stop, all the white people are staring."
    He told me
    he was afraid of
    with thirteen
    on his body.

    Michelle K., Commitment (via cavum)

    Here’s my philosophy on dating. Its important to have somebody that can make you laugh, somebody you can trust, somebody that, y’know turns you on…And its really, really important that these three people don’t know each other.

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